Call For Transmissions

In February 2009, the United States will add Dead Air to the acres
of accumulated Dead Media, pulling the plug on analog television
broadcasts. Subsequent waves of e-waste are predicted as
consumers junk their abruptly obsolete receivers in favor of
HD-readied consoles. What else will go out with this trash?
What residue, ghost-images or other artifacts will persist in the
nooks and crannies of this technocultural turn-over?

Pre-empting the scheduled program of obsolescence, the Video
Gentlemen will host a series of audio-visual works, presentations,
performances,workshops and panels that remix, retell, reimagine,
rewire and/or reclaim electromagnetic modes of cultural production.

Selected submissions will be broadcast within the BYOTV network,
a temporary installation to be exhibited at the New American Art Union,
in Portland Oregon in March/April 2008.

Submissions of single-channel work and proposals for live
presentations/performances to be transmitted within the gallery
may include, but are not limited to, the following themes:
Broadcast, Media Archeology, Surveillance, E-Waste, Obsolescence,
TV Programming
and Haunted Media.

As part of the Video Gentlemen’s own media archeological
studies they ask that a drawing of a television set be included
with your completed entry form.

Here is the Entry Form for BYOTV submissions.

Please send by January 15th to:

The Video Gentlemen
c/o The Feldman Gallery
1241 NW Johnson Street
Portland, OR 97209


~ by thevideogentlemen on November 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Call For Transmissions”

  1. What format single channel tapes?

  2. Single-Channel Works are acceptable as Mini-DV tapes, DVDs, or 640×480 quicktime files on data DVD-R. More information is available in the Entry Form, thanks!

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